Have a personal finance strategy–The 3-D Project: "Dream-Design-Destiny"

Let’s talk about your personal finance strategy by answering a few questions:

  1. Have you planned a personal finance strategy?
  2. Do you have a DREAM of financial independence and prosperity?
  3. Do you know HOW to have an effective strategy?  
  4. Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? 
  5. Do you think you should have more to show for your hard work? 
  6. Are you tired of the debt game? 
  7. Are you thinking about retirement and wondering how that will work out for you?

If you answered NO to questions 1,  or 3,  OR answered YES to questions 2,4, 5, 6, and 7, you may benefit from financial coaching to help you with a personal finance strategy.

The “3-D Project”

As a  Master Financial Coach, I can guide you to a personal finance strategy that will work for you.  I specialize in empowering people to DESIGN their own financial DESTINY through identifying effective personal finance strategies.   As a result, I call this the “3-D Project” for the steps:  DREAM, DESIGN, DESTINY.  This is an important part of my life coaching with Freya Coaching and Consulting.

How to win with money

To win with money you need a great plan with your end game in mind.  And to do that, you need to have a good understanding of WHAT to do and what actually works.  But it’s more than just knowing WHAT, we all must be able to actually DO what is necessary, and that often means we must know HOW and stay motivated and on track.   In addition, if we all would DO what we KNOW to do consistently, our lives would be very different.  That is because most people benefit from the expertise of a confidential coach who can provide objective guidance about both the WHAT and the HOW and help with accountability and motivation.  So you can see understand how many people can change their lives when someone knowledgeable guides them and coaches them through the process.
We all have financial goals, whether it is getting out of debt, buying your dream home, paying off your house early, or leaving a legacy for your children.  Because its not easy to do this alone, I am here to help you!  Contact Us for more infomation and to schedule a consultation.  In addition you can  CLICK HERE  to learn more.   Also, you may gain some insights by taking my free and confidential Financial Wellness Checkup.