Getting Ready to Sell Your Home?

Check out these six simple tips for a hassle free  home sale process!

Selling your home can certainly have its share of stressors, but there are steps you can take to help smooth out the process and minimize the pressure and worry!

Before placing your home on the market…

      1. Meet with a trusted Realtor® who will guide you through the prelisting  process.  Your agent will provide you with an overview of what to expect before and during the home sale experience.  Don’ t feel pressured to list your home with the first agent you meet, your best friend or family member who sells real estate, or to sign the listing paperwork at the first meeting!  Your home sale is a major life decision and should not be taken lightly or rushed.  By all means, it’s fine to move quickly if you have gone over the process and feel that the time, place, and people are right.  But the best agent is not  one to rush you to a committment before you are  ready.
      2. Start making your plans for where you will move once your home sells.  If you are planning to purchase another home and will need financing, don’t delay in getting the prequalification process started.  You will want to know what your purchasing power will be and sort out your financing options early in the process so you can make good decisions and avoid any last minute pressure.
      3. Make sure you and your Realtor® work together to price the home correctly.  Your agent should be skilled in competitive market analysis and be knowledgeable about how your property compares to others that have been rencently sold, taken off the market and not sold, and current active listings competing for your potential buyer.  Based on the pricerange and area of your home, your agent should be able to give you an idea of how long it will take for your home to sell when priced appropriately.  Most sellers want as much as possible when selling their home, so pricing correctly–not underpricing or overpricing–is important.  An overpriced home will often cost the seller more in the end–either through languishing on the market or having to make concessions to get the sale.  Lowering the price below what the market trends indicate may be an option if you are looking for an especially quick sale,   The point is that your agent should provide you with good information and you should be comfortable with the pricing and terms in the listing.  And these conversations are just the beginning of the relationship and partnership you will have with your Realtor over the coming weeks as you get your home ready for sale and sold!
      4. Pre-Inspect your home up front.  Significant defects in the home will be identified in the buyer’s inspection and can break a deal.  Instead of being surprised, stressed or disappointed, find out what important material defects may need to be repaired or replaced up front.  And keep in mind that first impressions are everything.  Besides addressing material defects that will be identified later if not sooner, it’s smart to address  cosmetic items like cleaning up or touching up paint, cleaning or replacing carpeting and fixtures.  Don’t forget to  keep your lawn mowed and bushes trimmed–these can make the difference getting the right price in a reasonable time and selling at all.  A wise seller will make these improvements before the home is photographed and available for showings.
      5. De-clutter and stage.  How you live in your home is very different from how you will present your house to others during the homesale process.  You are going to be moving soon anyway, so take the preparation time to start thinning out your clutter and removing any excess furniture, personal items, and valuables.  A good agent will give you honest feedback on how best to showcase your home and may recommend professional staging.  It is also best if these preparations are accomplished before the home is photographed and available for showings. 


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